Wizard Rock Is Not Dead

by Mudblud

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Eating Chocolate Frogs and stickin' it the Ministry.


released August 28, 2015

Produced by Ed Brussa and Dakota Gilliland.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ed Brussa
Track "Butterbeer" recorded by Dakota Gilliland
Artwork by Dakota Gilliland
All songs written by Dakota Gilliland
Guitar, Bass, and Vocals by Dakota Gilliland
Drums by Jacob Ragan



all rights reserved


Mudblud Gadsden, Alabama

Mudblud getting the Wizard Rock Revival started! So grab a book and some chocolate frogs because this is where the magic happens!

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Track Name: Avada Kedavra, My Heart
I want you all to myself,
you want me to be your house elf but,
I'd do anything for you.
If I can't be your man,
I'd rather be in Azkaban cause
I'd do anything for you.

I'd do anything for you
I'd kiss a dementor or two
take a curse from You-Know-Who
I'd do anything for you

It's not the size of the lies you've told
or the wand under my robes cause
I'd do anything for you
I'd be everything that he's not
I'm not just some quidditch jock, no
I'd do anything for you
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Muggle
I don't wanna go to school, fly brooms
take class in smelly room, in cloak and tie
don't wanna carry round a magic wand.
These hocus pocus potions notions
got me thinking to myself
and now I think that I'd just rather not.
You can keep your flying quidditch, spell screaming, magic dreaming
jelly bean and chocolate frog cards to yourself.
Save your hippogriffin, hat wearing, magic making
Ministry of Magic loving breath for someone else.

I wanna be a Muggle
I wanna eat cereal and watch tv (I wanna live and struggle in poverty)
I wanna be a Muggle
There's nothin wrong with me

Everytime I turn around, look up and down, Death Eater breath and Slytherin are getting in my face
And Gryffindor, goody two-shoe, good for nothin, stinkin, self righteous twerps. Gotta find me an escape.
From this enchanted hell hole
that I'm trapped in that is lackin
what I want in every single way
Apparating to the Suburbs
be a Muggle, houses, lawnmowers for the rest of my days
Track Name: In Cindy, Oh!
In Cindy OH!
Track Name: Butterbeer
I wish I had a Rememberall
So I could remember where it all when wrong.
I must have been under Imperius.
Please believe I never meant to act like this.
I know he's got Sickles and Galleons.
And I don't have a single Knut to my name.
And I know I acted like a stupid troll,
but now for that I'm having to pay the toll.

Before they turn out the lights tonight,
I think I'll have another butterbeer.
And to make things seem alright (let's raise our glass to a toast and cheer)
I think I'll have another butterbeer.

I'm starting to think you weren't that great
and I appreciate all this time I'm spending alone.
I must have took a Bludger to the head,
believing what you said.
No longer wishing that I was dead.